Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love not meant to be

Their love always grew in this dark confinement. Here, they found each other irresistable. No matter how much others tried to separate them, they found each other here.

Somehow, they were always separated; no matter how hard they tried. It seemed that theirs was love not meant to be. But they knew they were meant for each other; because deep down, they were connected.

They wanted to make the most of this privacy. Their bodies entangled with each other and their bonds tightened. They were no longer separate; their existence was mingled with each other. They wanted to be together forever.

Suddenly; a hand came into the pocket and got them out.
"Stupid earphones, tangled again" said He while separating them again.

Friday, January 23, 2015


What they said:

He said: I want to spend my entire life with you. I don't know what I will do without you. But ours is the love not meant to be. As difficult as it may be; we have to part ways.

She said: I can't imagine living without you. I have never dared to think of such life; but we have to be strong. I will learn to live without you.

What they meant:

He meant: You were novelty

She meant: You were convenience

Saturday, January 10, 2015

घर का भेदी, लंका ढाये!!

अपने चारो ओर बनाया था,
एक किल्ला रज़ाई का मैंने,
के कोई हवा के बम-गोले,
कोई सर्दी की गोलीबारी,
छु भी ना पाये मुझको,

रात भर जारी रही मुहीम हवा की,
कभी झोंका झोंका आकर,
कभी लहर लहर सी बन कर,
कभी आरस की वह फर्श को अपना
साथी बनाकर ठंड ठंड,
पर भेद सकी ना किल्ले को,

जब लग ही रहा था विजय है निश्चित,
सूरज की कुछ किरणों ने
बस झाँक ही लिया था,
के तभी अचानक मधुर से स्वर ने,
एक मुलायम हाथ ने आकर,
मुझे टटोला, मुझे जगाया,

और खुल गया वह अभेद्य किल्ला,
सर्द हवा ने मौका पाकर,
शीत-बाणों की जो छेड़ी है जंग,
कांपते हाथ को दबा बगल में,
ठिठुरते दांतों को भींचते हुए,
उसकी ओर मुस्कुराते हुए मैंने कहा,
घर का भेदी, लंका ढाये!!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

हैप्पी न्यू यर

कुछ पुराना सामान समेट कर घर के बाहर रखा है,
कुछ लम्हे, जो यूँही रह गए बिना खर्च किये,
एक्सपायरी डेट जो आ चुकी थी उनकी,
और कुछ यादें जो सील गयी है, खट्टी हो गयी है,
कुछ तजुर्बे जो रद्दी की तरह कोने में पड़े थे,
और अब तजुर्बो का नया एडिशन आ गया है,
कुछ सोच, जो बोझ सी बनकर रोक रही थी मुझे,
कुछ खोखली ख्वाहिशो की खाली बोतले,
जिनमे फिर से नया जोश भरने की गुंजाईश अब रही नहीं,
चंद भारी से टूटे हुए रिश्ते, मानो टूटी सी मेज खुर्सियाँ,
जो मन तो नहीं फेकने का, यादें जो है; पर मरम्मत हो नहीं सकती उनकी,

और जब पलट के झाँका घर के अंदर,
कितनी जगह बन गयी थी,
नए रिश्तों के लिए, नए सपनो की खातिर,
अलमारी में कितने नए अरमान, कुछ नए वादो की जगह थी
दीवार पर खाली फ्रेम में नयी यादों की जगह थी,

आखिर कुछ पुराना जाए, कुछ नया आये, तभी तो लगता है "हैप्पी न्यू यर"

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

He looked at the clock which seemed stuck at 11:55 for some time now. Every moment seemed to drag along. He was sitting alone with the glass in his hand; his fourth drink already.

He was thinking about the year that would start in next five minutes.
This would be the first year after a decade which would start without him kissing her at midnight; the first year when she would not be his Valentine; the first year when he would not shower her with surprises on her birthday; the first year when his holidays would be without her. This would also be the year when she starts her life afresh with her marriage; new city; perhaps new friends.

It's over - Her words rang in his ears repeatedly and he struggled to keep the tears within.

He gulped down the drink, found her number in his favourite contacts and messaged her "Happy New Year".

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Winter Morning

His eyes were fixed on the steam coming out of his morning coffee on this cold winter day. He was wearing a shawl over his night dress and sitting in the small garden in front of his holiday home.

Somehow, the steam reminded him of her breath on a winter morning. How she pretended to make rings of smoke from her breath and how she failed to do so. He could almost hear the music of her teeth clattering in the chilly wind. The morning colors just resembled the pink on her cheeks during those cold days.

He remembered how delicate, how fragile she looked when she cozied herself in a blanket. He remembered the warmth when she melted in his arms and he hugged her with all the passion.

He removed the shawl and kept it aside. The winter was not very cold any longer.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Purchasing Memories!

Oh! Oh! That little red toy car with remote control, I always wanted that. And that gun with shiny yellow and red lights which blink every time the toy is triggered, that's so pretty.
Oh! Wow! Cotton candy or Balloon, or maybe both.
But if he got both, he may not have enough money for the magic show ticket at the fair. He also wanted to buy some popcorn and a soda.

His dad was the CEO of a multi-million dollar empire; but he only got $10 for the trip to the city fair.

"Lesser the money you have, more the memories", his dad had said.